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Hey There Carlene!
"Why didn't you tell me I had ADHD?!"
I can't begin to tell you how many women in my life have said these exact words to me since I became an ADHD Coach. It's not that I'm keeping it a secret from them. It's not my place.

Let me explain. First, I'm not trained to diagnose the condition or any other condition. Yes, I can see certain behaviors and make a pretty good educated guess. But, who am I to say? I know too, that women don't want to talk about this.

My coach training taught me many things. The most important is that you can't make someone want to learn something about themselves until they are ready to learn it. When ready, I'm here as ADHD Coach and friend.

It doesn't matter if you're in your glorious 20's, your Motherhood years of 30's, your fabulous 40's, your menopausal 50's, or your sexy 60's and's never too late to learn more about yourself.
Go ahead and share this with someone you care about. They will thank you!
Have a fabulous day!


Sister, Mom, Wife and ADHD


Grown women don't have ADHD, do they?!?


Oh, yes. In fact, women are the fastest growing population of newly diagnosed ADHDers.


Do any of these sound like you?


“I know exactly what I need to do, but I just can’t get myself to do it.”


“If I’m so smart, why do I feel so dumb?


“Why do the simplest things seem so hard for me?”


“Why can’t I get my act together?”


Have you ever felt this way?


If so, you aren’t alone — in your conflicting emotions, your healing, or your chance at a new start.


Maybe you've gotten the ADHD diagnosis or you suspect you or someone you care about lives with it.


Here are seven steps to get the ball rolling to understanding yourself better and living the life you want to live - your way! 

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Carlene Bauwens
Carlene Bauwens helps people with ADD/ADHD who want to find their best way to get organized, use their time wisely, and get things done. As an ADHD Coach and parent, Carlene is on a mission to show families how ADHD is really impacting their family, to break the fail-and-punish cycle, and to embrace each other’s differences. She works with people of all ages who are ready to move past their ADD/ADHD challenges, feel more confident, and experience success. Carlene is a contributing author to the ADHD Awareness Book, Inspirational Ways to Succeed with ADHD. Find out about Carlene’s upcoming programs at

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