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Fast forward to January 2016. December has come and gone. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over.
It's like someone sucker-punched you right in the gut - you opened your credit card statements.
You're confused.
Everything you bought was on sale. You stuck to the list.
Thinking about it now, you can't remember what you gave others and can't remember all those treats you bought yourself.

If you fear this is your reality looming ahead, you might want to try doing something different this year. This weeks article will help!
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How To Spend Less And Be Happy

Are you going about the season mindlessly working your to do list? 

Many people with and without ADHD find they overspend during the holiday season. Why does that happen?


Here are a few of the main spending traps:

1. Impulsive buying for others– for example, thinking to yourself, “Wow! That seems amazing! He (She) would LOVE it! It's a little more than I was gonna spend but they're worth it!"

2. Impulsive buying for yourself - Every year I find something I think someone else would love and ME TOO! One for them, one for ME! Sneaky, sneaky trap!

3. Mindless Spending. This happens when we struggle with Executive function issues such as working memory, long-term memory, and the ability to be aware of our behavior.

For example – buying items a second time because you forgot you already had them or losing track of how much you are actually spending – over time, it all becomes a blur.

4. A kind of “fantasy thinking” that occurs when you make purchases with credit cards – it just doesn’t seem as though you are actually spending money, it’s somehow not real.

5. Using spending to fulfill an unmet need unrelated to acquiring new things. Shopping is not at its best when it is a form of entertainment, or a way to change the difficulties of the past, or a way to make yourself feel better on a “bad” day.


This is where paying attention to the euphoric high of getting something new, even if for someone else is critical. The high wears off and the cycle continues.

What are you to do?

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