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Hey There Carlene
It's February already? I say this because I have failed at sending out weekly newsletters. Last one was in December. Yikes!
So, instead of beating myself up, I'm changing my ways. I'm going back to monthly newsletters and sprinkling in emails as needed to let you know about important stuff in between. How does that sound? 
I invite you to follow my lead on this. Is there some random expectation you have of yourself that in the end makes you feel bad because you didn't meet it?
If so, what about that thing is so important?
Who will notice if it doesn't happen?
What will you be freeing yourself up to do instead?
For me, it's meeting with more clients. My 1:1 coaching is running on full and I'm starting some groups. Writing newsletters is valuable but not when it takes such a huge chunk of time away from Coaching, which is what I love to do. 
There have been some other things that got in my way of doing all that I expected of myself. The most recent was a week serving on jury duty.
More than that, I've been struggling with something very personal. I'm sharing this with you because I think it will lend clarity and motivate you to make your self-care top priority. 


How Hormones, ADHD Or Both Are Sabotaging You

Looking back I cringe, "Why did I waste precious time struggling alone? Why didn't I see that other women go through the same thing?

Mostly, because I either wasn't listening, or women are not talking enough or at all about this.

As an ADHD Coach I witness everyday how ADHD undermines your planning, organizing, prioritizing, tracking progress, finishing tasks, and managing time, right?

We know these symptoms are a result of low amounts or sluggish dopamine and norepinephrine (neurotransmitters in the brain).

Well, there's another culprit that drags women down. It's hormones.

I woke up one day, not too long ago, feeling like an alien in my own body. The physical symptoms of menopause were bad enough. I understood to expect these uncomfortable annoying things.

The fatigue, sadness, lack of motivation, negative thinking, forgetfulness, inability to focus...I never expected.

These symptoms smacked me upside the head and I couldn't even see straight. The kicker was when my daughter said, "See, now you know what it feels like to have ADHD."

I know there is no such thing as adult on-set ADHD. But if there was, I had it.

I began to wonder, "Have I always had ADHD and I've missed it all these years." OMG, I'm an ADHD Coach and I didn't see this? I started questioning everything about myself.

My energy levels tanked. I stopped working out. I stopped socializing. I stopped working with the exception of meeting with clients. And those clients saved me. I had to be accountable to them. I got energy from our coaching sessions. It reminded me of my purpose.

Yet, I couldn't find motivation to do more. I was literally in a fog. A fog so dense I was fearful of moving in any direction. So I stood still. Painfully still.

Is this what depression feels like, I wondered? Why would I be depressed? My life is good. I'd tally up all the good things in my life and think, "Ok, I should be happy. There isn't anything wrong."

A few weeks ago I tuned in to The Women's Palooza. Dr. Patricia Quinn gave an eye-opening talk on the effects hormones have on girls and women throughout our lives.

Here's what I learned that explained why I felt the way I did and what to do about it......

Read More.....

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