Hi Carlene!

It's February already! How are things moving along with empowering your employees this year?

Remember in our workshop when we talked about the two false assumptions of empowerment? Here's a refresher.

1. That empowerment is about moving decision-making and freedom of action to lower levels in the organization, and 

2. That you as the manager/boss have power and are going to give some of it to your employees, thus empowering them.

But real empowerment is not about taking power from the top and spreading it through the company. On the contrary, it is about you as a leader recognizing that your employees already have power. It is the power of their skills, their commitment to the job, and their passion for the work. This is not your power to give. 

People leave managers, not companies. According to a Gallup Poll, the number one reason why people quit their jobs is they don't feel empowered.

Are you losing valuable employees and you don't know why?

I have a smart tip for you that will help you keep valued employees.

Are you making decisions or changes that impact your employees without first soliciting input from them?

When you do this, they do not understand the purpose for the change. They do not feel valued or appreciated. It is of primary importance to involve employees in the decision-making process, especially if the decision will impact their job. Here's a real life example.

A large department store chain is one of my business coaching clients.  

They employ a staff of 10 undercover store detectives who arrest shoplifters. Someone at the top decided the undercover staff  should wear red jackets with the word "SECURITY" emblazoned across the front, as a preventative measure.

This might have worked if they had discussed it with the detective staff members first, and adopted their idea.....that half of them wore the jackets while the other half stayed undercover.

Instead, one week 5 detectives would be undercover and the others would wear the red jacket. Then they would flip that the following week. Those undercover last week would wear the red jacket and those that wore the red jacket would be undercover.

The shoplifters quickly figured out who they were and just did not shoplift in front of the detectives. It did not reduce shoplifting as they had planned. Instead, it reduced their security force.

Half of of the undercover store detectives quit in frustration.

Show employees you value them by soliciting their input and listening to it!

I'd love to support you and your team through coaching or workshops around whatever is getting in the way of creating the culture you want for your team. 

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