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Hey There Carlene!
Have you peaked already? Your working memory, that is. 
Did you know that working memory improves with age until it hits a peak in your late 20's. Then you lose 5% per decade. Holy cow. That explains a few things, huh?
Most people don't really notice the decline until their late 50's because we develop tricks to help trigger memories, like making a grocery list or marking events on the calendar.
But what if those same strategies don't work for you? You're creative and I know with a little Coaching you'll find your go-to- strategies to help you.
This month's feature article explains how working memory and paying attention work together.
This also lends some understanding to why the ADHD brain struggles with working memory.
Give yourself the time to answer the questions at the end of the post...that's where the coaching comes in...and that is where you are going to find "your best answers." Because as a Coach, I believe we all have our own best answers.

From Forgetful to Focused

Have you ever experienced the "What did I come in here for?" phenomenon?

In everyday life, it's what happens when you walk into a room and forget why you are there! Happens to everyone. How do you know you're simply having "one of those days" or if it's something more?

It's ironic that people with ADHD often forget things because their memories are actually good.

Yes, that's right!

Those with ADHD forget things because of their attention.

Your memory is only as good as the information you put into it.


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