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Spring break is over for most of us. It's time to open the windows and do some spring cleaning.
For some, this is a welcomed task. For others it's something to dread.
You may suffer from clutter-shame and not have people over to your home.
You feel like being organized is something that comes easy to everyone else so there must be something wrong with you.
I invite you take a step back to see what is important to you. What do you value? When you understand this for yourself you find purpose and motivation to clear the clutter. When your physical environment is more orderly, you can find more quiet and peace of mind.
Define what organized means to you and find your best way to get and stay organized.
It's ok if what works for everyone else doesn't work for you. Give yourself permission to find your own best answers.
Happy Spring!

8 Reasons Why Your Clutter Is Growing

Does spring cleaning excite you or nag at you?

The cleaning part of things is hard to do if you don’t clear the clutter first.

But where do you start? Spring cleaning sounds huge. When things are huge we put them off.

Forget the idea of spring cleaning for now.

There are reasons why your home or office is overflowing with stuff. Notice if any of these sound like you. Are there any of these behaviors you want to stop?

1. You love to shop. Your many interests fuel impulsive buying. And….you forget — or can’t find — what you have, so you buy extras.

2. You always need to be prepared, so you hold on to things “just in case.”

3. You get distracted and often don’t finish putting laundry away, sorting the mail or cleaning up dinner.

4. You are nostalgic and want to remember the awesome concert, theme park, movie or any experience so you keep the tickets, programs, and souvenirs.

5. You are emotionally attached to all those homemade cards your kids made you over the years. Or, you’ve inherited your Grandma’s tea cup collection that you secretly think is ugly but will never use for fear of breaking them.

6. You keep cabinet doors open or keep your stuff on the counter so you can see it…because if you don’t see it, you’ll forget about it. If it is out of sight it will be out of your mind.

7. You promise yourself you’re going to read all those magazine subscriptions and thumb through those retail catalogs soon. So why do you still have the 2010 Holiday Edition of Pottery Barn?

8. Making decisions and trusting yourself to know what is important is hard for you, so it’s just easier to keep everything.

The result? You have piles of “stuff” so high you can’t find what you need. The clutter is beginning to take over your home and your peace of mind.

Forget overhauling your house. Pick one thing to focus on and do it.

Here are some coaching questions to help you discover what is important to you.

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Here's what others have to say about Coaching!
We sought out coaching to get some support and guidance during a time of transition for our teenager. New school, new friends, challenging course load, sports...lots of new feelings and stresses.
Where that coaching took us, I would never have predicted. I whole-heartedly feel that working with Carlene brought us to a place that is the best not only for our son but for our entire family.
Carlene "coached" us through the whole transition by listening to us, giving us strategies and a clear game plan. She helped our son clearly voice his thoughts and concerns, and she helped us to really listen to what he was feeling.
The bright future we see ahead of us is made possible by the expertise, guidance and support from Carlene. 
~Alison of Naperville, IL 
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