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We would do anything for our beautiful kids, no matter their age. We sacrifice ourselves without even blinking an eye. Most times we don't even see it as sacrifice. It is simply who we are and what we do. But, it's really not simple.
Do you subscribe to the mindset of "If I do something for myself, I'm selfish?"
You've heard it hundreds of times. When you take care of YOU first, you are able to take better care of everyone else.
Instead of focusing on the time it takes for self-care, focus on finding self-love. Once you've got that, the rest will happen naturally.
A little gift from me to you this Mother's Day is the feature article I wrote below on self-care. Grab a cup of tea, coffee or whatever relaxes you and take it all in.
Wishing you and all the Mom's in your life many blessings this Mother's Day and every day. 
With love,

8 Self-Care Hacks For All Women

Feeling crazed and exhausted every day? I know the feeling. The fix sounds simple…make self-care a non-negotiable priority.

It’s likely if you’re not recharging your battery every single day, you’re walking around haggard, crabby, and resentful.

The first step in self-care is to be gentle and kind to yourself. Practice self-compassion.

Next, give yourself permission to get support around your self-care. Yes, you can ask for help. It’s a positive healthy part of life.

Now, make a commitment with your spouse, a friend, your sister, anyone who loves you a lot and scares you just a little to hold you accountable. Ok? You got your person? Good.

Lastly, be realistic. I know you have superhuman powers. After all you’re a woman. It goes without saying. Choose just one of the following hacks to start. Not all of them. Once you’ve made one of these part of your life, add on another.


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I highly recommend Carlene for anyone willing and open to coaching. I utilized her skills for business purposes. I learned how to better organize myself knowing I am often challenged with a short attention span.
One of the many successes she helped me with was to uncover and use some of my strengths. I now can concentrate on being more productive with those strengths and related activities, rather than being sidetracked with my many challenges with my attention.
~Brian from Michigan 
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