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Hi Carlene!

You suspect that, "I may have a bit of that ADHD."
Perhaps you took my ADHD quiz.
Or you read an article. Someone showed you a checklist.
Maybe a family member has been diagnosed.

Now you're worried. Wondering, "Do I have this mindset? Or could it be something else?"

Some days everything is going great and others not so much. It's on those great days we ignore the bigger picture of what is really going on.

I was reminded of the very real fear people face about seeking a diagnosis during an ADHD workshop I lead in May. Some self-diagnose and stop there. I urge you to move past the fear and take the next step. You can do it and you will be glad you did.

First, read this months feature article...the entire article.

Second, call me, if you still feel uncertain of what to do next.

I'm doing something I've never done before and opening up my calendar for free 30 minute phone calls for 2 weeks in June where you can ask me anything about ADHD. This isn't my typical clarity consult where we talk about coaching. I mean, it can be if you want it to be, but I want to chat with you about what is getting in your way so you can move forward.

How does this call thing work?

  • Click on this link to my calendar and select a 30 minute clarity consult that works best for you.
  • You call me at the scheduled time at the number provided in the email confirmation you receive. 
That's it.
Talk with you soon!
With love,

4 Positive Outcomes of an Adult ADHD Diagnosis

Adult ADHD is real. It is estimated that 85% of adults living with ADHD are undiagnosed.

The general public is often surprised to learn that adults can have ADHD. While most people are aware children have ADHD, they don’t realize it also affects adults too. However, ADHD doesn’t disappear on your 18th birthday!

ADHD changes into adulthood. Hyperactivity lessens with age, and adults develop coping strategies; both consciously and unconsciously to help them succeed in the world. It means that ADHD is less visible to the casual observer.

Some adults have known since childhood that they have ADHD. However, what they are now experiencing are different challenges. Learning skills on how to do well in school, are now replaced with the need to learn how to do well in a work environment, manage a household and take care of finances etc.

You may wonder what's the point of getting a diagnosis? You've made it this far in life, why bother?

You think the only reason to get a diagnosis is if you want to use medication as a treatment and you're not interested in medication.

Fact, if you are an adult with ADHD, getting a diagnosis is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Here's why:

Read More.....

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Here's what others have to say about Coaching!
My parents sent me to therapists and it never felt like it helped. Then I started talking to Carlene and she understood things I told her. I liked how she never told me what to do but let me come up with my own ideas. She talked to my parents too and I definitely think my relationship with them has gotten better. I feel like I'm really ready to start college now. I'm starting to like my unique brain a lot more now that I understand more about ADHD. 
~Will from Illinois 
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